The Schmelke family has been in business of making custom pool & billiard cues for over 50 years in Northwest Wisconsin and operating a Pool & Billiard supply store. The Schmelke business is now in the third generation of custom cuemakers. Below you can learn more about Schmelke history, check out some of our classic models or take a tour of our factory.


Schmelke pool cue and billiard factory is located in the rolling hills of Northwest Wisconsin. We have been in business for over forty years. Today, Schmelke sells both one and two-piece billiard cues, cases and accessories throughout the United States and Europe and Canada. We now reside in a 15,000+ square foot manufacturing facility. Schmelke Cues began with Duard and Richard Schmelke, brothers who enjoyed playing pool. They saw a need for custom quality pool cues in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and began making custom pool cues in a small shop behind their home. In the late 1940's Duard decided to make two-piece custom pool cues on his own and remained a one-man operation until 1969. In 1969 his son, Jim, joined him in making custom pool and billiard cues of all types.

Together Duard and Jim formed a partnership and began to expand the Custom pool & billiard cue business.

They moved the business from the Twin Cities to a larger location in Northwest Wisconsin. A few employees were hired. Soon sales started expanding through the Midwest. Jim concentrated on the manufacturing aspect of the business, while Duard and his wife, Eva, traveled throughout the Midwest selling their cues. In the early 1980's Duard and Eva retired, with Jim purchasing the business and changing it to a corporation. In 1985 the business made another move to a new manufacturing facility. With the new building came new manufacturing techniques of higher speed. This new speed and efficiency allowed for greater production without compromising the quality craftsmanship of the original product.

Since 1985 the manufacturing facility has expanded three times. A new state-of-the-art UV finishing system and a complete climate-control system has since been added. Climate-control allows the wood to stay straight and true throughout the manufacturing process. This allows Schmelke to continue to improve its cues and provide high quality, affordable cues. Through the 80's and 90's Jim and Judy, his wife, managed the company while raising a family of one son and two daughters. Their son David, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Production Management, joined the family business in June of 1997. In 2000, Steve Johnson joined Schmelke Mfg. as Sales Manager. Jim, David and Steve hope to maintain Schmelke Cues as a family-owned business as they continue to provide customers with quality products and friendly customer service. We are proud of providing the best quality cues at the most affordable cost to our customers. Remember, whatever you need in a pool cue, Schmelke has a "Cue for You"!! With over forty years of experience in making cues, Schmelke is a name you can trust. Every Schmelke Cue is made in Northwest Wisconsin with only the finest materials. We guarantee you the finest made cue on the market. We use only the finest imported woods. Exotic woods such as Cocabola, Rosewood, Birdseye Maple and Ebony are cured for at least a year. This guarantees the consistency and stability of the wood your cue is made of. The wood is then sorted for grain, texture and straightness.

Then the custom cue is assembled using only the highest quality cue parts such as Elk-Master tips, Linen Melamine Ferrules and our own Custom Designed Joints. Finally the finish is put on using our specially designed UV finish to protect each cue from the elements and guarantee a smooth stroke every time you use the cue. Our special UV finish takes away the need for shaft slickers and cleaners to keep your cue feeling smooth. Throughout the process the cue is checked for straightness 5 times. This is to guarantee you're getting the straightest cue possible. Finally the best feature of every cue is: Price. Take any Schmelke Custom Cue and compare it to our competitors. You'll find a smoother finish, better quality wood and a more durable joint. Then look at the price and you'll see the Schmelke pool and billiard cue advantage.