Billiards Vs Pool Is There A Difference Between Them

September 28, 2021

There is a lot of debate about billiards vs pool. Undeniably the terms ‘pool’ and ‘billiards’ are used in reference to a different perspective.

However, each has its distinctive meaning. For example, ‘carom billiards’ finds its origin in the word ‘Billiards’. Likewise, finds its connection with what is otherwise known as ‘pocket billiards’.

What Is The Real Difference Between Billiards Vs Pool In Terms Of How They Have Evolved??

‘Pool’ first found its relevance in the 18th century. Those days, there was a designated room where all horse gamblers pooled money together to gamble on the races. From being connected to gamblers and poolrooms, it went on to become the favorite game for the rich and mighty!

Originally also known as ‘carambola billiards’, it has a close resemblance to its counterpart. However, it involves the use of cloth and does not contain pockets. It may be noted, Spain and Portuguese have a close connection to the word ‘carom’. The word ‘carambola’ meaning rebounding after hitting originated from these two countries.

Is It Possible To Play Carom Billiards On A Pool Table?

The game of ‘pool’ utilizes almost 9 to 15 balls, also a supplementary cue ball. On the other hand, ‘billiards’ comprises 3 balls.  


The real problem is with the absence of pockets with the latter. Owing to this reason, it has a tendency to destroy the spirit of the game.  

Get A Better Idea About Table Differences and Rules Differences Of  

Coming to the table differences in billiards vs pool, there are three kinds of tables employed. For instance, it includes a bar table that measures around seven feet. Next comes the one used for tournaments and rightfully named c. The last one measures around eight-foot and is mostly used for enjoyment purposes. On account of this, you have wide varieties available to choose from. 

Carom billiards is a different ball game altogether. Here, all participants indulge in stiff competition among themselves. Their motto is to score maximum points better known as ‘counts. With the assistance of a cue ball, they bounce it between the two other balls.

However, in a pool game, each player seriously targets the pockets present in the table. This is in other words described as ‘pocketing’. The million-dollar question is, how is the winner decided in the billiards vs pool game? Before the game begins, all players agree on a specific number of points. Any player who is capable of reaching this milestone the first is declared the winner!

Unearth The Real Reason Why It Is Also Called Pool

Every game has its uniqueness and distinctive features. So is the case with ‘pool’. In fact, the word ‘pool’ goes to mean a collective bet. When the game first came into practice, patrons joined the pool tables to spend quality time between races. With the passage of time, this led to betting between patrons in billiards vs pool.

Use Of Cloth In Billiards Vs Pool Is Different In Each Of Them

A finely woven cloth also popularly known as baize is utilized for covering the table. Records are testimony; this cloth has a close representation of lawns that were often found in the ancestral games that were in vogue those days.


Of course, the modern-day billiards vs pool games use innumerable types of colors.

When it comes to the pool, they too have the baize. However, they mostly use 100% synthetics and blends of many kinds. The change in terms of the colors of the cloth was mostly demand-driven. This is clearly evident from their availability even in prints where the company or team logos are often printed.

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