Carbon Fiber Pool Cue – Get The Kind Of Pool Cue You Want!

March 16, 2022

When it comes to your performing in any sport or game, having the right equipment determines a lot and billiard is in no way different. Being a pool game enthusiast, you must agree that the shaft is one of the central parts of a cue. Aka butt, next to the base, shaft is the thicker part of a pool cue that becomes thinner at the tip and matters how the cue hits and gets control over the cue ball. Although high-quality wooden cues are known to be the best shafts, the emergence of carbon fiber pool cues has virtually redefined the thoughts of billiard professionals worldwide. Compared to its wooden counterparts, choosing a carbon fiber pool cue can be beneficial for a billiard player in different ways. So, understand whether it is worth investing in a high-cost pool cue and check out this new species’ advantageous factors.

The Benefits of Carbon Fiber Pool Cue Shafts?


Carbon Fiber Pool CueDurability:

The carbon fiber pool cues are made leveraging both its properties – the lightweight and solidity of carbon fiber that not only makes it robust and durable but equally agile for having optimal control and feel while playing. The use of special grade foam in these shafts helps lessen vibration as you hit while extending instant feedback and balance. As your cue needs to withstand lots of hits no matter how gently you play, as opposed to wood, fiberglass, aluminum, carbon fiber pool cue tends to last for a longer period and you won’t be worried about scratching, denting, or splitting of it.  


Made of composite material, carbon fiber pool cue is less likely to react to changes in weather conditions, whereas wooden shaft has limitations in terms of its endurance and can expand or shrink owing to temperature or humidity. Bearing in mind its application in pool games where precision tolerance may determine your performance, any kind of expansion, shrinkage, or swelling of your wooden pool cue could be risky. In comparison, the tampered and tubular composite material body and foam core of carbon fiber pool cue are not vulnerable to dimensional variations to atmospheric changes.

Easy to Maintain:

Due to its physical properties, carbon fiber pool cues shafts are fairly easy to maintain. Simply mopping your cue with a damp cloth (preferably soft paper towel like eyeglass tissues) using diluted alcohol once a week is good enough to keep your carbon fiber pool cue clean and hearty. Albite, it doesn’t require much maintenance, but make sure to follow the tips below to ensure that you provide due care to your cue that it deserves.  

  • Apply wet tissue with watery alcohol to the carbon pool cue shaft along with ferrule. (NOT the tip!) (Never use any abrasive or toxic detergent)
  • Further, wipe off the cue with a clean dry soft paper towel
  • Maintain your carbon fiber pool cues shaft 4-6 times every month.

Low deflectionCarbon Fiber Pool Cue:

Possibly one of the great advantages that makes carbon fiber pool cue shaft one of a kind is its ability to offer low deflection. Being low deflection cues, carbon fiber pool cues shafts can reduce the degree of squirt which means the angle of the cue ball that takes place once you take a shot. While every shot produces some amount of squirt or deflection, the advantage of low deflection carbon pool cue shafts lessen the likelihood of its degree and thus brings accuracy while preventing the player to deviate from his/her intended goal.


Especially, if you are a beginner, and on the lookout for a suitable cue, choosing a carbon fiber pool cue is the right choice for you to wow the audiences as it can help you to boost your performance significantly. While buying one, make sure to go for branded quality that offers super quality materials and avoid investing your money in the cheapest carbon fiber pool cues shaft.

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