Choosing a Pool Table Size – Complete Guide to Pool Table Dimensions

March 9, 2020
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If you talk about standard pool table size is 4.5’*9’, though pool tables come in different sizes. One must know the pool table room size before they plan on choosing a pool table size. When one decides on buying a pool table there are so many things one should keep in mind before they decide on pool table size.

People make this mistake many times that they think pool tables are of the same sizes. There are small pool tables, a big pool table and then a tournament sized pool tables which are seven-foot tables: 3.5’*7*, eight-foot tables: 4’*8*, and nine-foot tables: 4.5’*9’.

Here we will provide you the complete guide to pool table dimensions:

Standard pool table dimensions and the required room size for pool table

As we have already discussed 7-foot pool tables, 8-foot pool tables and 9-foot pool tables are three common sizes of pool tables. The standard pool table sizes and their dimensions and accordingly required room size for the pool table.

Table Size Size of the required room Size of the playing area
3.5’*7’ 16’2”*13’1” 39”*78”
4’*8’ 17’*13’4” 44”*88”
4.5’*9’ 18’*14’ 50”*100”

A room has to be at least of a size that players can actually move around freely and hit the ball with their cues accordingly. It is always better to have enough space to move around. A small room and a big table are not a good combination, a big room and a small table are always a better option. If you buy a big table for a small room, it becomes difficult for the payers to play their game.

Measure your gaming room before you plan to buy a pool table

One must measure their gaming room before they plan to buy a pool table and especially one should know how to measure that room. One should make sure that they have enough space for their pool table in their gaming room and one should measure that space. One should have a measuring tape to measure the room and measure the width and length of the room. A simple way to calculate room size in the square foot is Rooms Length* Rooms Width= Room size in Square Foot. One must know the accurate room size so that one should not suffer from the problem of a wrong fit pool table in that room.

Pool table weight

One should know the accurate pool table weight before they make the decision of buying that table. Generally, the pool table weighs somewhere between 650 pounds to 900 pounds and the weight in kilograms is 300 to 400. The weight will be decided on the size of your pool table. If you think that they’ll be able to move their pool table on their own, then that’s not possible. You will need at least 5 to 6 people to pick that table or to move. One should avoid picking pool tables on their own. You can always call in for some professionals to move that table so that you don’t face any physical injury.

Ideal room for a pool table

If you think space is the only thing that one should be worried about a room for a pool table, then one should know there are other things as well one should care about before deciding for a room. The light in that room is very important when you play pool shot, it is important to see the entire surface of the table and the balls. Enough light is required to play the game. One of the most important things, before you decide on the ideal room for a pool table, is that there is access to every point of the table. One should easily have access to take a short from every corner of the table and for that, there should be enough space.

How to choose a pool table, small pool tables or bigger pool tables

There are different things one should keep in mind while choosing the size of their new pool table. If a family wants to buy a table of smaller size and if you think the entire family will play on that pool table, then it is suggested to choose the table either from an 8-foot pool table or a 9-foot pool table.

These are the points one should keep in mind when they are planning to buy for their gaming room. One should stay calm and make a decision accordingly by following these steps when you plan to buy a pool table. Just don’t rush into making a decision and choose the right brand to pick the pool table for you or your loved ones.

Good Luck!

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