Dummies Guide to Making a Custom Pool Cue

March 9, 2020

Pool cue or cue stick is sporting equipment which plays an important role in the game of pool, snooker or carom billiards. It is so essential that most highly competent players like to invest a great sum to obtain their preferred custom pool cue. Globally, a large group of people loves to play pool or billiard, or snooker. There is no shortcut process to get mastery over this game, a player needs to learn the game wholeheartedly and select a perfect cue stick to bring fire in the game. Customized pool cues are very unique as they are made by highly functional equipment which is expected to provide outstanding quality performance in a pool game.

Important Points You Should Consider Before Selecting a Custom Pool Cue

Important Points You Should Consider Before Selecting a Custom Pool Cue

Experts suggest using a customized pool cue to improve your performance level and to comprehend the actual know-how of the game. It is best to invest in selecting and purchasing a custom pool cue because it may work as a spark of motivation to you for getting even better performance. Comparing to upper high-end cues, customized cues are less expensive. It is always better to avoid house cues from which you may not get satisfactory results. Besides that, there are some key points that a player must consider before making a decision to purchase a custom pool cue.

  • An experienced player knows what he or she needs to do on shots – more power or more control. If you have a fascination with powerful long shots, then you can seek to have a custom cue that carries more weight in the shaft (one of the parts of the cue). The players who prefer more control over shots find a cue with more balance throughout the stick.
  • Players prefer to select custom cue which matches their personality and playing style.
  • It is required to check balance and weight at the time of purchasing cue. Because most of the cues are heavy at the butt side. So custom cue offers the possibility to change the weight of the butt side according to his or her preference and playing style.

How different parts of the pool cue are assembled

How different parts of the pool cue are assembled

Principally the players use the pool cue to strike the ball in a pool or billiard game.  A pool cue has two major components – shaft and butt which are joined together. The shaft is the slimmer portion between two components and it is used to strike the cue ball. It is the most significant part because it affects the power of the shot. In addition, the shaft consists of several other components such as Shaft, Tip, Ferrule, Collar, Ring, and Joint.


The shaft is the longest part of two half of the cue and it is fundamentally made of maple wood or fiberglass. The shaft must be very smooth to maintain a sliding transition at the time of hitting through the butt.


The ferrule is joined with the shaft to prevent the impact of vibrations after hitting the shot. It works as a backbone of the tip and it is used to strengthen the tip.


The tip is used to strike the pool ball. The tip is held together with ferrule by glue and its hardness, as well as softness, varies depending on the player’s preference of playing style. 


The collar is glued to the ring to reinforce the pin. It helps in energy transformation from butt to shaft.


The ring is the component that is kept in both butt and shaft parts. It reinforces the join of the cue.


It is the bottom part of the shaft which works as the connection between shaft and butt. Basically, it is made of wood, metal, or ivory and it has joint caps that fit onto the joint to give protection from damage.

The butt comprises the following significant components to provide a perfect look to the pool cue.


The pin is normally made of metal and it connects the butt to the shaft.

Ring and Collar

Ring and collar are also glued on the butt to work for energy transformation from butt to shaft.


It is a mainly designed part that is joined here to show a player’s preference for design and style.


The wrap is usually made of leather to hold the butt properly.

Butt Sleeve

The butt sleeve is assembled here to balance the weight.


It is kept at the bottom of the pool cue to protect the cue from damage.

A pool cue has many significant components that can be combined together to get a perfect stylish pool cue that matches your play style and preference.

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