How to Handle Pool Sticks Like a Pro That Will Change Your Game by Leaps

July 14, 2020

Holding a pool stick is itself an art. Want to be a pool crook but don’t know from where to start?
Holding a pool stick is certainly the first step you need to know before starting the pool game
practically. Half of the audience around the pool table gets impress with the way of holding the
pool stick and your style of holding a pool stick also diminishes the confidence of your
opponents. If you don’t know how to hold a pool stick properly you will end up hitting u the ball
off the table or off the mark. So it is essential to know the requisites before actually starting the
game and flaunting that attitude without skills.

Being a pro is easy but maintaining that position is difficult; and for that you need to clear the
basics of holding a pool stick in order to adapt those pro techniques to hit the ball correctly.

Handling a Pool Stick:

Handling a Pool Stick

Hold the pool stick with your dominant hand at your hip:

Put your one hand at the point on the pool stick close to the rear where it is unprejudiced where the tape is visible.
Placing the back hand at the 90 degree angle with the pool stick. Grip of holding the pool stick should be relaxed and nice so that the grip of grasped pool stick doesn’t be too tight and you can hit the aimed ball nicely. Grasp the pool stick with the help of thumb, index
finger and middle finger.

Lower down yourself towards the table:

As far as you got the technique of holding the pool stick with your dominant hand, you need to find shot that you want to aim at.
Lowering down the body towards the pool table and staring down towards the line of the pool ball. Being rigid and upright won’t let you hit the ball. Slightly bending the legs and keeping it relaxed will help you more hitting the shot.

Lower down yourself towards the table

Construct an open bridge with your other hand:

Place your working hand around 6-8 inches away from the pool ball down on the table. The more closer you are towards the ball the more précised and appropriate shot you will be able to hit. The most common bridge that is used is an open bridge. Open bridge can be formed by following a simple technique:
Open bridge is formed by placing the hand on the pool table and then stretch your fingers apart.
Move smoothly the pool stick between the index finger and middle finger, in such a manner that a “V” shape is formed.
Adjust the altitude of the cue tip by lifting up or lowering down the arch of the hand.

Grasp the pool stick progressively as you eye up the targeted ball:

Incline frontward and strategically place the pool stick on the position from where your mind says that you can hit the targeted the ball. Preferably you must hit the ball in its core or midpoint which is said to be the sweet spot of the ball so that it itself goes where you need to put it in. A straight line should be seen between the cue ball and the targeted ball.

eye up the targeted ball

Grasp the pool stick at the equilibrium and obtain the shot: 

Move smoothly the cue forward although aiming progressively. In case on any kind of uncertainty all you need to do is moving the pool stick in a back and forth movement to obtain the required balance
and steadiness to hit the shot more accurately.

The whole game is based on the way you hold the pool stick to hit the targeted ball. Learning about holding the pool stick is not a difficult task if you just follow the instructions properly and grasp the technique of holding it appropriately.

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