How to Rack Pool Balls Like A Pro In 2020

November 6, 2020

The pool is a game of subtle nuances. It is not easily forgiving, and therefore you have to be on point from the get-go. The moment you commit a mistake, you forfeit your chance in favor of your opponents. What you lacked is why they will finish the game for you.
Accuracy is an important part of the game, and from the break, you must carefully target and select the right pocket and the technique. If you like your game to be offensive, then you must take breaking very seriously.
A good break is integral to your offensive strategy in the pool. For this, most pros or seasoned professional players rack the pool balls tightly and considering the success, i brings them in games. You should probably implement it too. Racking the pool balls is not as difficult as you might think if you are cautious of your approach and get the technique right.
All you have to do is to tighten the pool rack by tapping the rack, and that can easily set the tone for a good break and, therefore, a good offensive game.
Contrary to this, most people opt for an alternative rack building method involving placing and setting with the help of a conventional and orthodox wooden rack.

How can Markers help in racking of the Pool balls?

  • One of the most unconventional yet popular techniques is using markers in the racking of pool balls. Markers are used for setting each ball in place on the table.
  • If it is a public table, then the situation can be a bit different. That is because, on a public table, it is highly improbable that there will be any markers whatsoever that can guide you.

The solution in such situations is to go for chalk line markers that you can use to create markings for each balloon on the pool table. The hiccup here too is that in many matches, this is not advisable, or you might have to drop the idea totally. That is because, on public tables, you might come across many of the players that find the chalk line visually distracting.

  • If you are aware of how to rack the pool balls with a wooden or plastic rack, using the technique of tapping the rack together, then in such a case, you will not need any markers.
  • On a pool table, if you can rack the balls tightly together through tapping of the rack, you can create a solid first line of defense.
  • If you have placed the rack rightly, it proves to be advantageous because your opponent will have a hard time sinking the balls after the break. This impacts your opponent’s consistency, and the flow of the game tilts in your favor.
  • On the other hand, a loose rack is an indication of easily scattering the balls, and therefore sinking them in pots becomes relatively easier.

Summing it up

A game like pool seldom accords a second chance in the game, so there is no scope for a slip- up in such a game. As a player, the only edge you will have in the game is to strategize it right and ensure that your cue techniques are solid.

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