How To Shoot A Cue Ball: 3 Important Tips For Better Techniques!

January 29, 2021

The billiard game reminds us of the typical noir films where the protagonist slyly makes his next move by shooting a cue ball. Most filmmakers have highly romanticized billiards as a game of unremitting intellect. Well, not to deny that billiard is genuinely a game of strategy, intellect, and impeccable skills. But, what makes a person a real champion of the table laden with colorful cue balls.

Most nuanced billiard players will admit that mastering this game’s critical shots can dramatically impact the player’s overall performance. So, if you are looking to turn into the next billiard legend, we bring you a compilation of shots to master that will raise the eyebrows of the onlookers at your billiard competency.

Break The Cue Ball Pack

The first shot is the most game-changing one. As they say, “the first impression is the last impression, and ” breaking the cue ball pack reinforces the player’s grip towards the game.

Your opening shot should smash into the pack, and scattering the balls onto the table into various positions. Most players make the common mistake of not perfecting their opening shots, and relying on ancillary moves that do not yield the desired results.

So you must understand that the goal is to spread all the balls on the table, and preferably to pot one of them. One can master this crucial shot in two stages- spread the cue balls, and pot one ball. A well-executed initial break shot gives you an upper hand over the opponent, and if you miss this opportunity, the opponent can gain an advantage over your game. But remember, the two most important things to consider are – power and technique.

Ensure that all the balls are touching and static while the cue ball remains behind the balkline, at a position just off the center. So, aim just above the center and smash into the ball pack. Shoot at the tip of the triangle that is nearest to you, and break/open the game. We can give one pro tip to chalk the tip generously, so you can shoot the ball with vigor and energy.

Plant Your Cue Ball Shot Perfectly

The tricky part of this game begins with the plant shot. Wisely billiard players ask most new players to avoid this shot without considerable experience. So, it makes for a perfect move to master. Also known as the combination shot, and this particular move requires twice as much accuracy as regular shots.

These shots miss more often than ordinary shots. Why? It is simple; because there is a relay of balls to target, and just one ball to the pot. You strike at the cue ball at the object ball. So that the object ball is meant to contact the third ball, which you initially aim to pot. It can be a nerve-wracking task but play sweetly, and you can master this move.

Master The Masse’

Often touted as one of the most flamboyant shots of the table, it is a shot you want to master. Also aptly known as the banana shot or curve shot, this move’s simple goal is to hit targets that seem unattainable. Strike the cue ball hard and fast downward from an elevated position. It will cause the cue ball to move forward and bend. Sounds too much to master? We bet with some hardcore practice; you can indeed become a killer of this move.

There you are; you are a master of the game, or least in the making!

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