Innovative ideas To Transform Your Old Pool Table Into A New One.

November 6, 2020

You can transform almost anything to make it look new today, be it old furniture or your clothes. So, why don’t you transform your old pool table to make it look like a new one?
If you love playing pool, then it is important to give your pool table a new look so that you feel great while playing. It will give you a change of sorts and change is an important part of life, right.
Transforming an old pool table to a new table is not so hard. Some people opt for DIY ways to transform the table. An uncomplicated and modern design can surely make your pool table more elegant.

Recolor and refinish

Re-coloring is a clich├ęd thing to do on any kind of furniture. But, if you want to give a new look, then you need to choose a color that stands out. If your old pool table is black, then re-paint it to a brighter color like yellow or red.
Also, the railings on the pool table are often dented, so you need to replace those railings if they are old.
If you are painting it as a DIY project, then you need to remove the old paint off. The new color will look good when you take off the older one.

Change the felt

Felt easily wears out on the pool table but no one pays attention to it. If you are a regular player at the table, then it might also suffer wear and tear. The best way to change the look of the table is by changing the felt.
Thankfully, the felt is not so expensive so you can do this easily. If you are doing it yourself, then you need to remove the pockets as that will give you access to the railing area.
If you want to change the look of your old table, then you can also use a different colored felt.

Balance the table

Playing daily on the table will eventually cause it to become unbalanced.
Moreover, it becomes difficult to play on a table that has no balance.
As a result of which the balls will roll around without any effort. This will also reflect while playing the game. If you won’t be able to aim the balls, then what’s the purpose of playing pool.
So, balance is important for the game. You can check the levels of the table. Use two levels at the center and check the direction. This will let you know which side is causing a sag.

A creative look

Completely transform your pool table by doing something creative. Like, paint the table like a car, bus, or place some sticker to make it look creative. You can do anything you like by adding a new element to the table.

To Sum up

What are you still thinking? Get started with your old table and make it look new. Simple transformation ways can make all the difference. You can change the whole look of your pool table with the above ways.

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