Pool Cue Maintenance: A Complete Guide and Expert Tips

September 8, 2020
pool cue maintenance

Pool Cue Care is vital for every cue sport player be that Pool, Snooker or Billiards. Your cue turn out to be an extension of your body throughout play so you when you locate your perfect cue it is imperative to look after it and defend your investment of time and money. Quality pool cues are an essential part of an improved pool playing experience. If you desire for your cues to last long, acquire good care of it and make certain of regular pool cue maintenance. The two chief areas of a cue call for some special care are its shaft and tip.

This blog has covered everything you need to know regarding the cue maintenance to help your cue last for a lifetime.

How to Maintain your Cue?

  • Get your cue re-tipped by an expert: A billiard cue’s leather tip must have a coarse texture, not downy. This will allow the billiard chalk to glue to the leather.
  • Store cue in a suitable case: When not in use, place your cue in an appropriate case tomaintain the cue for a long time. Placing cue in a suitable case will increase the life of cue and lends a hand in maintaining it for long term.

  • The Art of Chalking: Constantly chalk your cue by chafing the chalk across the tip not crushing it into the centre of the chalk. This will lend a hand to prevent the cue ferrule from getting discolored.

  • Burnish your cue’s shaft: Burnishing your cue’s shaft lends a hand in averting your cue from losing its slick finish. There are numerous ways to facilitate in maintaining your cue’s shaft.
    • Use a clean, non-abrasive cloth, such as a Karseal saturated Cue Cloth, that will help in quickly removing the dirt deposited on cue.
    • Special sanding papers can help in removing buildup, small nicks or scratches on a shaft.
    • Rubbing a glass over the dent in your shaft will help mending it.
    • Heating the cue with such friction will expand the wood.

  • Store your cue at room temperature: Don’t forget to keep your cue away from the high temperature places. The heating up of wood will certainly generate thermal expansion and that is responsible for warping, swelling or even shrinkage.

  • Never keep Chalk in your cue case: After rubbing the chalk on your pool cue, don’t forget to pick it out from that case. Never put the chalk in the pool cue case.

  • If your cue is not felt smooth it’s probable just unclean. Dried out sweat, dead skin and anything else you can think of will put up on your cue over time. To maintain your cue in the finest playable condition we recommend primarily wiping it meticulously by means of a piece of plain paper. Then apply a smooth finishing wax. Not only does this leave your cue playing like new, it fragrance will be great too!

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