Pool Table Felt: How to Clean & Re-felt or Replace Pool Cover

March 13, 2020

Playing pool is one of the most excellent ways of enjoying leisure time with family and friends. It is the design elegance of the pool table that impresses almost any individual and gets him or her into action immediately. Pool tables are generally of hardwood, which means they can last for more than twenty years without much maintenance. Nevertheless, you still need to take care of the table as it can ruin a perfect mood if it is not done in the right way or if it features warped or broken cues. So, it makes sense to use a pool table felt kit for a proper replacement.

Replace Pool Table Felt or Re-Felt It

Replace Pool Table Felt or Re-Felt It

If the pool table felt is not done in the right way, it can make the playing surface uneven, which will further create a lot of problems for the players. Professionals can fix the pool table cloth, but cleaning it from time to time is important. This is because if the felt is not stretched adequately or if there is dust on the surface, it will be unpredictable or bumpy, resulting in a bad playing experience. Therefore, re-felt is best left to professionals. Nevertheless, if you have the right tools, you can even do it at home with a bit of patience.

Disassembling the Pool Table

Disassembling the Pool Table

This is the first step that you have to take when carrying out a pool table felt replacement. Remove the bolts and pocket liners carefully. Next, remove the rails with complete precautions. Always make it compulsory to keep the rails and bolts in a safe place so that you get them whenever required.

Removing Old Felt

Your pool table might be made of materials with great durability, but the pool table felt is not. You need to use a custom pool table felt and get it installed on your table before the old felt wears off. There are two ways of removing the old felt. If the felt has been attached to the pool table using glue, you can remove it easily by simply ripping it off. If the felt is help to the pool using staples. You simply need to remove the staples using a staple remover.

Cleaning the Slate

The slate is one of the integral parts of a pool table. It is a permanent material that can last for several years. This is the reason why the pool table is considered a one-time expense. While carrying out the re-felt procedure, once you have removed the old felt, make sure to clean the pool table slate.

You can do this by using a completely dry cloth that will remove dust very easily. Avoid using a dusting spray or wet cloth as it might result in the softness and dampness of the slate.

Taking the Right Measurements, Cutting and Stapling the Felt

Taking the Right Measurements, Cutting and Stapling the Felt

Use a measuring tape for measuring the pool table, and once you have accurate measurements, visit a sports store for buying the felt you require. You will find them in varied colors. So, if you are willing to modify the color of your felt, you can do so willingly. Once you have bought the felt, place it on the pool table and allow it to sit. Make sure the felt feels smooth and plain. Now use scissors for cutting the felt as per measurements.

Stapling the pool table felt is one of the most important parts of the felt replacement procedure. This is why people take the help of professionals. But you can do it yourself as well by following the steps involved carefully. Check the layer of the table and use a staple gun or manual stapler for the process. Once you have done the stapling as per measurements, it is time for you to glue the surface of the felt.


You will not lose the charm and the enjoyment of playing pool table if you have the right felt installed. You don’t need to experience the discomfort of finding the right professional. The pool table felt replacement is easy to manage with a bit of understanding and patience.

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