Remember these things before buying a new pool cue case

October 16, 2020

We cannot ignore the fact that for the game pool, the cue is the most valuable asset. And keeping it safe and protected is the topmost priority of this game. You are out in the market to buy a new cue case, but with so many options available, you are unsure of where to begin your search.
There are many chances that your cues can be damaged if you don’t keep them safe. There are times when you carry these cues without protection and damage them. One must have a good quality cue case to keep your cues safe, and that will also increase the life of cues.
In this article, we are going to share several things that will assist you in buying a new pool cue case. Keep reading to know more about it:

Cue case size There are numerous sizes of cue cases offered within the market, and you must opt for consistent with the of cues you have got. Multiple numbers of cue cases like 12, 23, or 24 will give you the liberty of space to keep different kinds of sticks and shafts in it. Similarly, 11 in which you can keep one butt and another tube for the shaft.

Shield level of the cue case – There are three types of cue cases available in the market, and those are hard cue case, soft cue case, and box cue case. Soft cue cases are the most inexpensive cases, and they are made up of nylon, or vinyl. They are flexible and easily available too. Hard cue cases are made up of leather, they cannot bend until someone apply a lot of force to it. You get a better level of protection carrying hard cases. Box cue cases are like briefcases having a belt to carry. They are the most expensive ones and provides complete protection to your cues.

Extra loading area – A good quality cue case will have some extra loading space to keep equipment like chalks and tip picks. You can also keep other things in your cue case if given extra loading space like a few pins, clean cloth, etc. These things can be really useful, and you can need them at any point in time. So, pick a cue case that has some extra loading to keep these

Elegance and project of the cue case – There are plenty of elegances and projects available in the market, from wooden boxes to nylon cases to leather cases, etc. Select the case according to your panache, and you must check the straps that they should be detachable and modifiable so that you can use them according to your need.

Just remember these things before buying a new pool cue case. These things will make sure that you pick the best cue case for your cues. A cue case plays a vital role in keeping your cues safe and protected. Now, you are all ready to pick a new cue case with all features in mind. Pick the best one for you today!
Good Luck!

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