Ultimate Tips And Tricks For Taking Care Of Pool Accessories!

January 9, 2021

Durability demands maintenance. Do you agree? Investing your hard-earned money in buying something is one thing, and making it last long is another! In this article, we shall discuss the ultimate tips to maintain your pool accessories!

Tips and tricks for taking care of your pool accessories:

I. Taking care of pool accessories for the pool table


A pool table is a huge investment. While it brings in the great fun o the game, it also demands parallel maintenance to add years to its life and to the fun of shooting the balls on board! Below are the tips and tricks for taking care of the pool table. Let’s Check out.

Cover it: Your pool board is susceptible to all the unwanted dust, and also chalk particles in the air that might settle down on the cloth roughening it and hindering your smooth gameplay. It is always advisable to cover your pool board when you aren’t playing. This will protect it from all the uninvited damage that can be caused not only to the felt, but also to the sides of your table- be it dust, or drinks! Covering the pool board thus helps in retaining its quality and texture for a long time, ensuring smooth shots every time you play.

Pamper the felt: The Felt is the most crucial part of the table when it comes to playing. To get rid of the fine dust or other particles resting on the felt, you could use a brush. You must clean the felt with the brush after every pool session. This will prevent any sort of accumulation and help in maintaining the quality of the felt and the game! Do not brush the particles away in a random zigzag way. Brush it in a singular direction towards the pocket. This will do further good for your game and the board.

Don’t make it a multipurpose table: We agree that the pool table looks large and luxurious and tempts you to do more with it than just playing. But, temptations are a trap, aren’t they? Limit the use of the table for the prime purpose of playing. Do not end up making it a multipurpose board by letting your kid climb over it, or your friend leans along with it or using it as a snack station. You may not see the ill effect immediately. But it’ll all strike back to your mind when the ball doesn’t go into the pocket!

Sides are as important as the center: It is important to clean the frames of the table regularly. You can clean it with a soft cloth. You can also use cleansers that are available for the purpose to get rid of any stains on the frame. Another important tip is to not rest your things on the frame- be it glass, a cup of coffee, or even your phone. The things could damage the surface of the frames by causing scratches over them. 

Pockets: Clean the pockets regularly. Clean it after every session, to prevent the dust and chalk particles from accumulating inside of it. you could simply wipe it down, or use a vacuum for the same.

II. Pool cue accessories


A pool cue stick is among pool accessories that require decent investment – of both, money and maintenance. The pool cue is primarily made of wood. When maintained rightly, it will ensure a play that is totally on point, and what makes the effort all the more worth, is that it can last for a lifetime!

Case it: A pool cue case acts as a shield to your cue. Leaving your cue uncovered makes it vulnerable to dust and the unpleasant scratches that will leave you to compromise with the supreme look of your cue. A pool cue case also protects the cue from running out of shape or warping due to extreme temperature shifts. The pool cue case, therefore, forms a significant part of maintaining the cue and ensuring its longevity.

Clean it: Clean your cue tip regularly with a brush. You could also simply wipe the cue stick at the end of every session. This will not only keep the cue clean but also prevent causing any damage to the table.

III. Pool balls


Now, no matter how clean you keep your pool table and the cue if the pool balls are layered with dust, dirt, debris, and it will pass the same over the cue, onto the felt, and into the pockets! It is therefore essential to keep the balls clean. A simple wipe up of the balls works!

Maintain the accessories rightly, and stay ever-ready to rock the game!

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