Vintage Pool Table! Here's Why You Need a Pool Table Cover

November 2, 2020

Playing or billiards on an exciting pool table is both calming and exciting. A pool table is one of the most iconic pieces of your game room addition. Though the table does require space, it has the power to grab attention immediately. Pool tables are usually sturdy and highly resilient to external conditions. A good quality pool table, when properly maintained , stays with you for a long and is durable too. If at this point you are wondering about the maintenance and upkeep, then you need not fret because a simple cover and some brushing will almost all the time do the trick. Which means the maintenance and upkeep are quite minimal.

A pool table cover for your vintage pool table is quite important, as you might have guessed. But why is it that important? The answer to this lies in a few factors that affect the strength and durability of the pool table, such as –

1. Mites and Dust
Mites and dust are not damaging to the table’s exterior structure, but over time, they do affect the tabletop and the fabric. One of the primary reasons mites and dust particles such as pet dandy affect the table is that they create a separate coat that affects the smooth fabric. It is also responsible for
increasing friction.

2. Sunlight
One of the biggest reasons why a pool table cover is important for your table is because it protects against the sunlight’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. The UV rays are perhaps the most damaging part and ultimately lead to deterioration due to overexposure. The other alternative is to set up the table away from large windows or spaces through which sunlight can gain direct access. This is very important so as to protect the table and the smooth top from fading and withering due to the harmful effects of sunlight.

3. Dampness and Humidity
Dampness and humidity is another major factor that can impact your table. Damp and humid surroundings often lead to structural problems to the table itself. They are also known to cause fading and other table fabric related issues. It is important to understand that though the table itself may not be so, the table cloth is extremely sensitive. The cloth is subjected to fading and wrinkling from extreme humidity and also dampness.

What Shouldn’t You Do?

There are certain Dos that you already probably no and there are Don’ts, which you should know.
These include the following –
Avoid chemicals, especially those in cleaning agents. This is because most of the chemical- based cleaning agents contain ammonia. Which is considered to be especially damaging to the tabletop and the table itself
Avoid Shifting the Table Yourself. This one is a special note of caution to the DIYers. This is because while sliding the table, despite the highest degree of caution, you might break the shims or disrupt slate joints, legs, etc. This can result in an uneven playing surface, or worse, permanent structural damage.

The Bottom Line

In these times, it is always important to err on the side of caution and invest in the right cover for your pool table for long-lasting protection. Timely protection and a few strokes of brushing, cleaning , and dusting is all it takes to maintain a pool table today.

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