What to look for before buying Custom Pool Cues?

January 22, 2021

Money earned hard is to be spent mindfully. Especially in the modern age which is oozing with options and choices for every single thing that we want to purchase. While we all love to be showered with a wide range of options because it also kicks in a lot of confusion as to what should you pick, what is worth every single penny.
Custom Pool Cues are no exception. But in fact, buying custom pool cues requires a considerable amount of investment. You want to make sure you buy not only the best but also the aptest stick for yourself. So, here we throw light on some of the essential aspects that you need to consider while buying a pool cue.

What to look for before buying Custom Pool Cues?

A Matter of Material

Material is the common factor you might want to consider when it comes to purchasing custom pool cues. There isn’t any good or bad material out there. There are just different materials and each of them having distinct features of its own.

Wood is the traditionally preferred material among players. No there isn’t anything magical about the wooden cue that ensures winning and gameplay. It’s all in the playing and the player, rather than the materials. So it is the overall feel of the material that pleases.

Graphite /fiberglass is another material that cues are made up of. And the advantage that rests with these cues is that they don’t warp like wood when placed in extreme temperature conditions. But cues that are made of fiberglass are cheaper as compared to wooden cues. At the day end, it all comes down to one’s personal preference.

Custom Pool Cues – What’s the Weight?

16 ounces to 21 ounces is a general weight range of custom pool cues. However, there also are cues that can weigh up to 26 ounces. These are usually used for games being played at higher levels like that of a tournament. While lighter cues help the player acquire more control over the ball, and heavier cues help you strike a good balance when shooting. So, you must buy the cue with the weight that you are comfortable handling.

Straight or not?

A straight cue stick is very important for smooth gameplay. A warped or a bent cue may interrupt your shots. Therefore, you’ve got to check if a cue is warped even slightly before purchasing it. There are a couple of easy ways to check the straightness of the cue. You can hold up the cue at your eye level, and can easily find out if there is any unevenness to it. You can also roll the cue on a plain surface, and absolutely even one. If there is even an ounce of disruption in its roll-off, there must be some warping that has happened.

Leisure or League?

It certainly comes down to where you would be giving your shots. If you want to buy a cue for your leisure play in the pool house, a lightweight cue that is also less expensive would be perfect. On the other hand, if you want to buy one for a league, a heavier, expensive, and supremely handcrafted wooden cue would be worth all the investment.

The Price Tag

The cost of custom pool cues is a relative factor, and not an absolute one. It depends on the quality of the cue that you intend to buy and wooden cues with exquisite designs and premium looks are more expensive. A fiberglass cue is cheaper. A usual one-piece cue stick is also totally worth it if you are a beginner. And these, usually cost anywhere in a range of and around $100.

The skills and the practice, is ultimately what would decide the outcome of the game! While there are supplementary factors that we all need to consider when investing our hard-earned money in purchasing something. We hope the write-up helps you gain a decent clarity on purchasing custom pool cues, and makes your buy a wonderful worth! Game on!

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