PR305 Purpleheart Break Shaft

PR305 Purpleheart Break Shaft

PCR302 PTO Ultra Shaft

PCR302 PTO Ultra Shaft

PCR301 Flat Laminate Shaft

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PCR301 Flat Laminate Shaft

Schmelke PTO Laminated Shaft

Schmelke PTo Shaft is made of 16 sheets  hard rock Maple giving the shaft an harder more consistent hit

The Schmelke PTO shaft is available in 12.4 or 11.75mm with a 1/2 xtc low deflection ferrule and everest tip or ultraskin tip.

Please note:  To guarantee that a replacement shaft will fit your cue butt, the entire cue must be sent to us for custom fitting.

All Shafts are Custom made and will take about 2-3 weeks plus delivery time from the time we recieve your cue for fitting.


Schmelke Soft Tip 

Schmelke soft tip is chrome tanned soft leather making the tip easier to hold chalk and aiding in better ball control and English.

We highly recommend upgrading to the Ultraskin medium tip. Each piece of leather is inspected and shaved to exact size.

 Each layer is coupled with proprietary resins, so each Ultraskin Layered Cue Tip will give the same feel and hit each time.

Medium tips have a hardness of 72.1



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