Ferrule Replacement

Ferrule Replacement

Tip Replacement

Select from Elkmaster, SePro, Triangle, Schmelke Halle Laminated Tip, Everest, White Diamond, Samsara

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Tip Replacement

Select from Elkmaster, LePro, Triangle, Schmelke, Halle Laminated, Everest, White Diamond, Samsara, Ultra Skin, Kamuri Black, Kamuri Black Clear, Ignite. These tips range from $8.00 to $32.00 installed.

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Product Specification
Select from:
Schmelke                Soft
Elkmaster                Soft
LePro                      Medium
Triangle                   Hard
Halle Laminated      Medium Soft
Everest                    Medium
White Diamond        Break
Samsara                  Break
Kamui Black            SS/S/M/H
Kamui Black Clear  SS/S/M/H
Ultra Skin                Soft/Medium
Ignite                       SS/S/M/H

Tips range from $8.00 to $32.00 installed.

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